Sigrid Varduhn

Creative Writing Workshops

Jump into the pool

What if your stories just wait to be written? Then, the inspiring and encouraging approach of creative writing will bring you and your stories together. The writing workshops will let you get in contact with your ideas, improve your skills, and learn more about your writer’s voice.

A word, a sentence to begin with, a picture or a memory to respond to, creative writing is playful. And this is not limited to first ideas. Editing a story, giving and getting feedback, learning more about characters, place, perspective or time in a story – the creative writing way let you make friend with the writing process.

Writing workshops are pools to jump in to meet your creativity. The wide range of creative writing prompts will lead to new ideas and stories. Writing in a group and sharing the writing (if you want to) will let grow your confidence as a writer and your trust in writing.

English is not your native language? Are you worried your English might be not good enough to write creatively? Just give it a try. You don’t have to care about perfect grammar or limited vocabulary. By writing creatively in a second language you might explore even more about the spectrum of your writer’s voice. And the wide range of inspiring writing prompts will let your inner critic forget about its fears.  

The writing workshops take place online, so that you can join in from where ever you are and feel comfortable. We will work in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to welcome you and your stories.

Are you ready to bring your stories to life? Join your Creative Writing Workshop:

Sigrid Varduhn

Writer, writing coach and storyteller – brings your stories and you together.